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Seed, Water, Bloom:

Growing A Board Who Cares About Inclusion

We help you to Plant the Seeds for Change for your organization and your board.

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Planting the Seeds of Change:

A Journey towards Race-Equity Culture

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This Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training is an exploration to:

  • Help board members unpack their bias in safe spaces.

  • Learn and embrace a shared language, distinguishing terms, and concepts.

  • Accept and respect the benefits of diversity.

  • Take action to create a Race-Equity Culture.

  • Create a plan for long-term sustainability of inclusive policies and practices.

This journey process includes a board survey, stakeholder interviews, virtual trainings, work-at-home activities, and a closing virtual or in-person retreat.

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The Board Pro offers three tailored engagements:

These sessions will be thorough and intensive and will consist of learning and activities that should be viewed as forward movement towards creating an inclusive environment. Diversity training requires awareness and skill development over a significant period.

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Two-hour training on disrupting bias

(Videos, Role-play)

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Two-hour workshop on our race journey and how it shapes who we are today (Conversational)

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Four-hour board retreat to create a plan to sustain a diverse and equitable board culture.

(Small group work)

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Board members are able to look inward and have honest dialogue about diversity and racial equity.

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Board members are committed to continuing the journey and have a plan for future race equity work.

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Meet the Trainers

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Christal M. Cherry


Christal M. Cherry, is a trained fundraiser with more than 22 years on nonprofit experience serving on executive teams, as a liaison with boards, and a confidant to the CEO/Executive Director.

Dr. Renee Ross

Dr. Renee Rubin Ross is a recognized leader on board and organizational development and strategy and the founder of The Ross Collective, a consulting firm that designs and leads inclusive, participatory processes for social sector boards and staff.

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What the Clients are saying

"Thank you Renee and Christal for holding the space through some difficult conversations. Very appreciative of where this process ended up."

"So great to work with the two of you! Thank you for modeling how to do this work through your vulnerability and commitment."


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