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The Nonprofit CEO Circle

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Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level? Can you use support to become more productive with your time, navigate your board and staff relationships with grace, and ease closer to reaching your fundraising goals? Do you want to go home every day feeling a bit more like you are having a real impact? If this sounds like a dream come true, let's talk!

What You'll Get from Coaching with The Board Pro:


Together we will create a doable work-life plan to assist you in balancing multiple priorities while you keep up the momentum of a trusted leader.


As your thought and accountability partner, I will help you to better understand and break through the barriers that you face as a Woman, Person of Color, LGBTQUIA identified or older professional in a rapidly changing sector.


I will be with you every step of the way to help you become an effective and influential nonprofit CEO, and as the amazing human being that you are.


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My custom-designed approach to coaching will take all of your goals into account.

We will work together on the fundamental mindset and skills that are necessary of CEO’s.

Nonprofit CEO Hub Coaching Includes

Meeting with you every other week, in an iterative and agile process that works with your busy schedule and can shift with you as the needs of your leadership and your organization evolves.

About Board Instructor

Christal M. Cherry

Consultant & President, The Board Pro | Author

I have supported CEO’s just like you and I am here to help you to extend and deepen your impact as the leader of your organization. With one-on-one coaching and tools to provide clarity, structure, and energy to help you bring your A-game every single day, we will work collaboratively to create a plan for your personal and career growth.

Level up with the nonprofit CEO Circle

Ready for some insight and action? Let’s get started with customized,

professional nonprofit CEO coaching.

The Level Up Program Includes:


A customized 6-month plan to cover three focus areas based on our initial meeting.


One hour bi-weekly

video calls


Access to tools and resources to help you to build relationships with your board.


Shared project management space to collaborate and track your goals and progress to goal.


Text support in the event of an emergency is included in case you run into a jam and need fast real-time coaching


I combine coaching with 20+ years of experience working with nonprofit leaders and nonprofit boards. I am a professionally trained board consultant and fundraiser. I also earned certification as a leadership coach from the Quandrant 3 Leadership Certification.

Christal M. Cherry | Consultant & President, The Board Pro | Author

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At The Board Pro, we believe that successful organizations are governed and led by leaders who are passionate, energized, and determined to change the world. Each board member with his or her unique talents and skills, can play a vital role in advancing organizations forward.

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