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It’s okay to be different!

Mac is a unique kid, and he is ready to make new friends! But when he tries to play with the other kids, they are rude and tease him. Mac is devastated until he finds a new friend that is a little different too. He learns that he doesn’t need to change who he is to play with someone new. Mac and his new friend, Cheez, decide to play their own game and invite all the other “different” kids to play with them too.

Mac and Cheez is a story about real kids with real problems. This vibrant tale is about accepting the things about ourselves that are different. Mac and Cheez learn that they can choose to “be the change” and show kindness to those around them.

This story teaches the importance of inclusion, acceptance, and finding confidence within yourself.
Written for children of every ability, color, race, size, and shape, Mac and Cheez is the perfect gift for parents and grandparents of special kids everywhere. Everyone is a little different. That is what makes us great!

Don’t worry about the tune. Just sing your own true song.

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