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Build the Board Your Organization Needs for Sustainability

Strong organizations need passionate, competent, well-trained leaders. I cant wait to work with you to coach, train, and support your Board of Directors to grow into leaders who can transform the world through board service.

Changing beliefs, behaviors, and practices related to board service and leadership can be challenging but with the right coaching and tailored training, I will equip each board to steer its organization toward a sustainable future by embracing sound, ethical, governance, financial, recruitment, fundraising and equitable policies.

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let's get to work!

Proven and Practical Strategies to Common Organization Challenges

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Recruiting the right board members


Building a culture of collegiality and reward


Creating a wonderful onboarding experience


Fired-up fundraising


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The Board Pro coaches, guides, trains, and transforms their leaders to optimize their board experience by taking action and embracing their power to change their communities and the world.
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client testimonials

 "The Board Pro is excellent at fundraising and board development.  Just when you think you’re doing all you can, Christal shows you how to do more with your board to advance your mission. We  actually had fun with interactive role plays in our training session.  As the Board Chair, I have benefitted greatly from her counsel and support.”


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Terrica Ganzy

Board Chair, Georgia Legal Services Program


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