I believe Who's At The Top Matters!


Strong organizations need passionate, competent, well-trained leaders. I cant wait to work with you to coach, train, and support your Board of Directors to grow into leaders who can transform the world through board service.

Changing beliefs, behaviors, and practices related to board service and leadership can be challenging but with the right coaching and tailored training, I will equip each board to steer its organization torward a sustainable future by embraocing sound, ethical, governance, financial, recruitment, fundraising and equitable policies.


My Equitable Board Clinics, "Planting The Seeds for Change," help boards to identify "blind spots", assess the board's composition, recruit and prepare diverse professionals for board service, and engage in concrete steps that lead to culture change and environments where all feel welcomed!

 Let's get to work!

The Board Pro


At The Board Pro we believe that successful organizations are governed and led by leaders who are passionate, energized, and determined to change the world.  Each board member with his or her unique talents and skills,  can play a vital role in advancing organizations forward.  We work with our clients to help them to harness and use their individual and collective  talents, skills, and passions to effectively lead and help nonprofits to thrive. 

  With proven and practical strategies we craft solutions to common challenges such as:

Recruiting the right board members

Creating a wonderful onboarding experience

Building a culture of collegiality and reward

Fired-up fundraising


To transform leaders to change the world.

We envision a world where leaders can make a difference with passion and purpose through successful board service.



Board Assessments

One-On-One Coaching

Board Composition & Recruitment

Board Development Plans

Training & Retreats



We embrace a client centered approach by creating an experience of trust and transparency.  We also commit to using integrity, creativity, research and best practices,  and bold thinking and movement to bring about the postitive change our clients desire.



 "The Board Pro is excellent at fundraising and board development.  Just when you think you’re doing all you can, Christal shows you how to do more with your board to advance your mission. We  actually had fun with interactive role plays in our training session.  As the Board Chair, I have benefitted greatly from her counsel and support.”


Terrica Ganzy, Board Chair, Georgia Legal Servics Program



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