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Board Service: I’m Just Not That Into You (A Poem)

I saw your great mission

It was love at first sight

I knew I should serve

and get it all right

They welcomed me in

but did not provide

the training I’d need to help us survive

So here we are

more than six months in

I’m so not engaged

and to my chagrin

Engagement is low

and we don’t represent

the community we serve

It’s time to repent

I went to my Chair

and made a request

Let’s fix this now

and not further oppress

Those we’ve shut out

and not given a chance

With their voices and skills

we will surely advance

the mission we love and want to support

Let’s train the board

and let the bylaws purport

the way we should lead

and govern and grow

2023 is here

I’d hate to forgo

this chance to help change the world.

Let’s call the The Board Pro.

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