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Ready Set Go! Year-End Fundraising for Nonprofit Boards

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Can you believe 2022 is almost over? The end of this week is October 1st and the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year. Here’s a quick reminder of why this is the most momentous time of the year for fundraising for nonprofits:

· 28% of nonprofits raise between 26-50% of their annual funds from their year-end ask

· 31% of annual giving occurs in December

· 60% of nonprofits make between 1-3 donor touches for their year-end campaign

· 12% of all giving happens in the last three days of the year

Is your board stoked and ready to end 2022 with a fundraising bang?

Many boards are allergic to fundraising and have been frozen all year!

They are afraid that they will trepass on their friends and colleagues. They are fearful of rejection. Their relationships with money is tenuous. They are ill equipped and dont know what to say or do! They are frozen!


If you are off to a late start, ready up! Below are ten realistic and actionable ways your board can thaw out, get fired-up, and jump on board to help you reach your year-end fundraising goals.

But before they leap, remember to arm them with a smart fundraising tool kit. This includes your case for support, talking points, a happy story or video, and a colorful infographic with significant impact statistics.

Now let’s go! Boards do these fun tasks!

1. Scroll through your phone. Write a list of 10-20 people who would support anything you do because they love and admire you. Also add those who are bleeding hearts for wonderful work being poured in under resourced communities. Write the amounts you think each can give. Come on! Your best friend Emily just bought a 2023 Tesla. She can spare $200.

2. Create a touch plan outlining two touches per week for two months. A touch can be a phone call, email, social media post or a holiday card. Remember fundraising is a touchy-feely business! Move them. Make them laugh or reach for a kleenex!

3. Send your friends an impact video or info graphic about your nonprofit – follow up with phone calls to discuss. Even send a handwritten note in the mail with a sticky note that says “$150 gift would be great, smiley face!”

4. Create a personal video explaining why you serve on the board and why your nonprofit is worthy of an investment. Send it out to your network including your family. Post on social media and ask for $100. Make it cool! Wear pajamas and a cool Santa hat!

5. Create a special post with a photo of yourself holding a sign. “I love Kids Docs on Wheels! Trust Me! It is an investment worth making. Give $250+ at” Always have a cute kitten or dog or baby in the background. That’ll get em every time!

6. Use special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries to invite friends to give $50 on Facebook and Instagram. Send some cool facts about the nonprofit you choose.

7. Share a moving story about a friend or family member who is dealing with adversity and ask for a $100 strength gift in his/her/they honor to your organization. Be sincere and pull on the heart strings. Remember people want to feel like they can add a little happy to a sad story.

8. The weather is changing, and walking can be a great form of physical and mental exercise and escape. Create your own Mission Walk or Run and ask friends to pledge $5 for every mile you walk over the next 30 days (Track your progress. Post on social media. Blog daily about your experience.)

9. Invite thirty close friends and colleagues to a year-end virtual holiday party (with fun ideas like signature cocktails) and charge $150 per ticket to benefit your organization. Seek free entertainment. Your daughter’s ballet performance is simply fine! Ask everyone to wear red or green tutus!

10. Send e-holiday messages that include a request for a love offering ($50 - $1,000). Include quirky holidays like National Cook for your Pets day on November 1st or False Confession Day on November 21st.

With a proactive and creative plan, board members can tap into the desire for change that most people want. Many people are seeking opportunities to do something meaningful to see things improve in our society and world. Each touch should have significant impact stories or statistics and a call to action with a link to give. Oh, and be specific. If you need $500 ask for it! If they can’t give that much, they will give what feels comfortable for them.

Let’s seize the moment. Q4 can be an exciting time. People become festive, tender, and ready to volunteer, give back, and support great missions. With proper guidance and fun methods, boards can play a huge role in helping their organizations move into 2023 with a new sense of purpose, anticipation, and optimism. Ready up!

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